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Product Features

MicroRespirometer is based on a patented technology that allows it to ‘differentiate” between the sample evolved CO2 and the pre-existing CO2 in the system. Because of this capability, a MicroRespirometer can sensitively quantify minute amount of sample evolved CO2, with accuracy and precision, regardless of the level of the pre-existing CO2 in the system. The MicroRespirometer technology, therefore, is totally different from the systems that monitor headspace CO2 concentrations or the systems that exhaustively absorb the CO2. (The systems that exhaustively absorb CO2 would never be a true real-time method because they can never finish absorbing all the evolved CO2 in the system.)  

How does a MicroRespirometer work? First, it establishes a steady-state CO2 absorption/evolution between the reagent and the sample (no physical contact between the two) within a 10-minute pre-assay shaking period. After the steady state is established, the CO2 absorption rate of the reagent equals the CO2evolution rate of the sample in the system. This is equivalent to the situation that the stream of the evolved CO2 is instantaneously and quantitatively “flowing into” (absorbed by) the reagent. The MicroRespirometer then determines the CO2 absorption rate of the reagent as the respiration rate of the sample.


The MicroRes technology sets a new standard for respiration rate determination with sensitivity (sub µLCO2/h), simplicity (test on site without a laboratory), speed, reliability (excellent resolution at low respiration rates) and low cost (<$0.75/test).

The MicroRes technology is a practical solution for real-time determination of microbial activities: a long-sought alternative to the traditional cultural methods, which require 2-5 days to obtain a result. The MicroRes technology thus has immediate applications to real-time food quality/food safety examinations, cell respiration, paint bacterial tests, agrochemical bacterial tests and other biodegradtion rate tests.

The MicroRes technology has been tested and validated in many academic studies over the years (peer-reviewed technical journal publications available upon request). For your special need or application of the MicroRes technology, please contact us for a free technical consultation.