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Real-time Microbial Activity: A closer look

MicroRespirometer (MicroRes® or MR) technology sets a new standard for respirometry in sensitivity, accuracy and cost-effectiveness. Now you can quantify total microbial activity in real time and on site without the need of a laboratory or a technical person. No more 2-5 days waiting for an after-the-fact laboratory report. The breakthrough of the MR technology in real-time microbial test will revolutionize the way you test and understand your samples. Real-time microbial test by MR technology is the solution for microbial contamination tests in foods, food products, paints, chemicals, plastic products and many other materials.   

MR technology is based on a rigorous and patented scientific principle, which enables the device to determine respiration rates sensitively, precisely and accurately without the need of monitoring the CO2 concentrations. The MR technology has been tested and validated with cultural and other methods. The results of the MR tests have been published in peer-reviewed technical papers. The MR is the most convenient and cost-effective (<$0.75/test) way to do real-time microbial activity tests today.

Are you doing cell culture, or cell physiology? The MR technology can quantify respiration rates in very tiny samples (µLs) of cells or organelles. Please contact us for the micro-size sample version of MR for your specific application.

Advantages of the MicroRespirometer Technology:

• First Practical Solution for Real-Time respirometry 

• Simple, Very Sensitive, & Reliable results

• Easy On-Site and Field Applications
• Truly Affordable

Microrespirometer Technology Applications in:

• Paint microbial contamination tests
• Chemical microbial contamination
• Food Processing Plants
• Government Regulatory Agencies
• Biology and Microbiology Laboratories

• Cell culture and physiology
• Factories
• Schools
• Homes

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